Savage Thule

Arrived at Salvik's Villa

The escape part 1

The wagon ride to Salvik’s was not as peaceful as one might hope. Tongor antagonized the guards and paid was beaten

When they said the Crimson banner slavers are the most powerful slavers in Thule, they aren’t kidding. The estate grounds are huge. Salvik has at least 40-50 slaves working on the Ziggurat alone. More all about the compound and only a handful of guards near the slave pens.

After Tongor and Gull were given 10 lashes, a guard with a brand came to brand them. Tonger fought back caving the skull of one of the guards in, as others moved in, the escape plan became do something now. The Sigbjorn has broken a hole thru the pens, Niall has scaled the pen walls, and Kroakan has found he is small enough to pass in and out.

As Tongor is being worn down, the rest of the party desperately makes their way towards him.



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