Savage Thule

Climbing aboard the Ship

Taking a cue from my corsair backgrounds bad reputation trait…

Sigbjorn takes a step forward, wrings the salt water out on his matted beard and slops it at Ashla. “Two of my shield brothers and half my war kit sank into the Bay of Mutrah because your oarsman cant maneuver a rock to save their miserable skins. You owe me gear you gin soaked sea bitch!” With that he plants a hand on the nearest rower, pushes him backwards off his bench and sits down in his place. As the drummer rings the rhythm, Sigbjorn grunts a rowing cry to the rowers in his bench, puts a shoulder into the man next to him and pulls as the ship spins portside.


Ashla raises an eyebrow as her oarmen are shoved aside. “Well well, I don’t recall Philantopes mentioning you in this deal, I can’t say that I object however” her eyes linger on Sigbjorns bare chest as he heaves on the oars.

Climbing aboard the Ship

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