Savage Thule

Salvik's base camp

After a quick melee amongst the new slaves. Salvik steps forward and flags Naill as Gladiator potiential, Gull and Tongor as hard labour and Kroakan as a servant.

Moved to a new slave pen the party make it known they plan to escape, apparently overheard an informant lets the guards know.

The next morning Philantopes arrives with a small delegation of guards and slaves and pleads with Salvik to allow him to win some “strong backs” to help him with a project he is working on to appease the King of Marg.

salvik agrees to a bet, Champion versus Champion. Niall versus a tall lean Lomari warrior woman. The stakes, if Salvik wins, he keeps the Champion, plus Philantopes prized Aarakrocra slave, if he loses, he gives up 3 strong backs.

Niall defeats the Lomari champion solidly, and although many of his strikes took her by surprise and landed solidly, he couldn’t help but feel she was holding her own counter attacks back.

Salvik has part of his camp packing up to head back to his estate to continue work on a Ziggurat he is construction to impress the King, and to train Gladiators for the upcoming games.



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