Savage Thule

Stormy seas lead to a rocky island

Fishsticks anyone?

You agree to Ashla’s terms of transit, although Philantopes apparently paid for your release, he did not pay for your transit beyond the immediate shores of Marg. As the Corsairs Galley sailed out into the seas towards Quodeth it was beset upon a storm. Mild at first, it became quite violent as a lightning strike struck the ships mast sending the crew into a frenzy as Ashla was knocked unconscious and the navigator swept to sea. Sigborn and Nail took control of the rudder as Ivor commanded the sailors below deck to get the oars in. Kroakan, away from prying eyes magically healed the concussed captain and the galley averted certain disaster, only to find itself the next day in thick fog and still seas.

Land was found, a rocky island with rock stacks ranging from 5 feet ot 30 feet high guarding the shores.

Having no choice but to look for repair parts, the crew sailed the beaten galley to shore and dragged it up onto the beaches.

Ivor went scouting ahead and found traces of that they were not alone on the island.


A mile away a potential source of a mast replacement was seen with a shipwrecked galley in a tide-pool broken up upon the rocks.


You move closer to the ship wreck, hopeful it will have the parts you need. As you wade through the tide-pools 4 sickly slimy fish like humanoids emerge from the water and attack. the fight was short and violent, with you victoriusly standing at the edge of the wave breaks 50 feet from the ship wrecked galley.




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