Savage Thule

Tongor's death buys you freedom

The escape from Salvik's

Tongor may not have been a friend for a long time, but he paid his life to help you escape. Nearly taking on half the slavers camp guards himself for the first moments of the fight until a full prison break was underway, he eventually succumbed to his wounds and died moments before the child Kroakan could reach him to save him. Sigborn wrangled a horse and lead a merry chase about the compound creating enough of a diversion to buy enough time for you all to defeat the remaining guards and escape towards the coast just as the reinforcements gave chase.

Lissana commands you to “Jump” from the cliffs to the Galley below. With no choice but to follow you do so as mounted slavers arrive.

You get fished out of the water by Ashla, whom welcomes you aboard and tells you “Philantopes has hired me to take you to Quodeth”



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