Nimothan Barbarian Reaver PC




Born to a rugged and independent wilderness family near the current settlement of Brathatul, Sigbjorn grew to be a giant of a young man, well suited to living in the snowy, bear filled mountains under the shadow of Kang the Pale Death. The growing success of the Bearslayer dwarven clans pushed his family to the brink. Their talents in ship building meant increasing conflict over lumber and their wholesale adoption of Nimothan culture brought them into conflict and competition with the berserkir, the bear shirts so famed in Nimothan warrior culture. To this day, Sigbjorn nurses a mix of distrust, admiration and frustration with the dwarven peoples. He traveled south to the Thousand Teeth on numerous viking raids, growing sea legs as stout as his frame but the reavers and pirates he served with led to great disappointment. The scum that congregated in Nim, while brothers and comrades were a far cry from the Jomsviking heroes whose monastery forts had sunk into the growing ice. While attending a Grand Ting at the Stony Fist of Jomur, he met a foreign warrior, a dark skinned warrior priest of the Lomar peoples. Enthralled by stories of their warrior culture and sophisticated city, Sigbjorn joined him on a trip to the south. The raiding was sufficient to keep his attention and the Lomarians were intriguing if somewhat restrictive in nature. His wanderlust cost him though when he pushed to far inland and in the alien jungles of Zaai he fell prey to Qhodethi slavers. Impressed with his savage fury, he was quickly dragged even further from home as a slave. He’s not impressed to say the least. Thralldom means nothing these foreigners so why honor it. If they don’t offer him freedman status and the opportunity to fight for them soon, he’s going to paint the walls red with their blood, drink their wives and bury their children alive, Jomsviking codes be damned.


Savage Thule Cazbian