Savage Thule


The party, at the borders of the plains and jungles near the city of Marg, have fallen in a viscous battle with Picts. They awaken in to find themselves captured as slaves in slaver wagons heading to the gates of Marg.

New owner

The party is hauled into the gates of Marg to the slave staging areas where they were put on display. 4 potiential buyers came to look at them. Ashla, a corsair. Philantopes a frail older man, Baar-don a Atlantean young noble and Salvik, the gladiator master.

Whether by design or accident, the party managed to sway the purchasing buyer to be Salvik who has carted them all to his encampment, thrown them clubs and shields and told them to fight if they want live!


Salvik's base camp

After a quick melee amongst the new slaves. Salvik steps forward and flags Naill as Gladiator potiential, Gull and Tongor as hard labour and Kroakan as a servant.

Moved to a new slave pen the party make it known they plan to escape, apparently overheard an informant lets the guards know.

The next morning Philantopes arrives with a small delegation of guards and slaves and pleads with Salvik to allow him to win some “strong backs” to help him with a project he is working on to appease the King of Marg.

salvik agrees to a bet, Champion versus Champion. Niall versus a tall lean Lomari warrior woman. The stakes, if Salvik wins, he keeps the Champion, plus Philantopes prized Aarakrocra slave, if he loses, he gives up 3 strong backs.

Niall defeats the Lomari champion solidly, and although many of his strikes took her by surprise and landed solidly, he couldn’t help but feel she was holding her own counter attacks back.

Salvik has part of his camp packing up to head back to his estate to continue work on a Ziggurat he is construction to impress the King, and to train Gladiators for the upcoming games.

Arrived at Salvik's Villa
The escape part 1

The wagon ride to Salvik’s was not as peaceful as one might hope. Tongor antagonized the guards and paid was beaten

When they said the Crimson banner slavers are the most powerful slavers in Thule, they aren’t kidding. The estate grounds are huge. Salvik has at least 40-50 slaves working on the Ziggurat alone. More all about the compound and only a handful of guards near the slave pens.

After Tongor and Gull were given 10 lashes, a guard with a brand came to brand them. Tonger fought back caving the skull of one of the guards in, as others moved in, the escape plan became do something now. The Sigbjorn has broken a hole thru the pens, Niall has scaled the pen walls, and Kroakan has found he is small enough to pass in and out.

As Tongor is being worn down, the rest of the party desperately makes their way towards him.

Tongor's death buys you freedom
The escape from Salvik's

Tongor may not have been a friend for a long time, but he paid his life to help you escape. Nearly taking on half the slavers camp guards himself for the first moments of the fight until a full prison break was underway, he eventually succumbed to his wounds and died moments before the child Kroakan could reach him to save him. Sigborn wrangled a horse and lead a merry chase about the compound creating enough of a diversion to buy enough time for you all to defeat the remaining guards and escape towards the coast just as the reinforcements gave chase.

Lissana commands you to “Jump” from the cliffs to the Galley below. With no choice but to follow you do so as mounted slavers arrive.

You get fished out of the water by Ashla, whom welcomes you aboard and tells you “Philantopes has hired me to take you to Quodeth”

Climbing aboard the Ship

Taking a cue from my corsair backgrounds bad reputation trait…

Sigbjorn takes a step forward, wrings the salt water out on his matted beard and slops it at Ashla. “Two of my shield brothers and half my war kit sank into the Bay of Mutrah because your oarsman cant maneuver a rock to save their miserable skins. You owe me gear you gin soaked sea bitch!” With that he plants a hand on the nearest rower, pushes him backwards off his bench and sits down in his place. As the drummer rings the rhythm, Sigbjorn grunts a rowing cry to the rowers in his bench, puts a shoulder into the man next to him and pulls as the ship spins portside.

Stormy seas lead to a rocky island
Fishsticks anyone?

You agree to Ashla’s terms of transit, although Philantopes apparently paid for your release, he did not pay for your transit beyond the immediate shores of Marg. As the Corsairs Galley sailed out into the seas towards Quodeth it was beset upon a storm. Mild at first, it became quite violent as a lightning strike struck the ships mast sending the crew into a frenzy as Ashla was knocked unconscious and the navigator swept to sea. Sigborn and Nail took control of the rudder as Ivor commanded the sailors below deck to get the oars in. Kroakan, away from prying eyes magically healed the concussed captain and the galley averted certain disaster, only to find itself the next day in thick fog and still seas.

Land was found, a rocky island with rock stacks ranging from 5 feet ot 30 feet high guarding the shores.

Having no choice but to look for repair parts, the crew sailed the beaten galley to shore and dragged it up onto the beaches.

Ivor went scouting ahead and found traces of that they were not alone on the island.


A mile away a potential source of a mast replacement was seen with a shipwrecked galley in a tide-pool broken up upon the rocks.


You move closer to the ship wreck, hopeful it will have the parts you need. As you wade through the tide-pools 4 sickly slimy fish like humanoids emerge from the water and attack. the fight was short and violent, with you victoriusly standing at the edge of the wave breaks 50 feet from the ship wrecked galley.


Boarding the shipwreck
Waves batter a shipwrecked galley just off the shores

You make you way thru rough seas and climb the sides of the ship wreck. Kroakan takes a nasty knock to the head as a rogue wave slams him into the side of the hull before he scrambles up to deck. On deck the port side of the ship is wet and rotting, the first mast looks cracked and rotted. the middle mast has fallen and is no where to be seen, the stern mast looks dry and intact. Investigation reveals it indeed can be used as a replacement mast. Before heading back to Ashla’s ship, you decide to investigate the captains quarters, where you not only find a horde of coins, but a horrific giant horned skeleton rises to defend it. Ivor and Niall are shaken in the fight, losing a bit of sanity as the horror is defeated.

The treasure is yours. for now….


To save a Jarl's Daughter
Hengest and Flurrin

The Jarl’ has been murdered and his daughter, Brunnhilde kidnapped by trolls. Two brave northmen answered the village seers calls and went forth, to Kang the Pale death’s icy caves and rescued Brunhilde, not from trolls, but Jarl Thorkelsson’s men with wooden snow shoes shaped like troll’s feet. Hengest and Flurrin were victorious in rescuing the Jarl’s daughter but Jarl Thorkelsson had the last laugh as his territory expanded and the duo found themselves outcast’s from their home village.

The defense of Ormsfjord
Hengest, Flurrin & Meangrim

Although the party rescued their Jarls daughter from Thorkellson’s men, the long harsh winter lead to their exile. They did not wish to willingly join Thorkellson so their only option was escape before death. On the road they met a strange dwarf beserker in bearskins. HIs name, Meangrim. Together they travelled to the fishing Village of Ormsfjord.

Staying the night in the longhaul, the elderly Jarl of the village told a story of a impeding sea dragon. Advised by his recently arrived Haggard, the village prepared to give the dragon tribute, that was until the party, along with the Jarl’s daughter, Enid, stepped up to volunteer to drive the beast away.

The next morning heavy fogs rolled in and the dragon drifted to shore, gouts of flame from its maw. The brave Nimothan’s charged and it turned out to be another of Thorkellsons ruses. It was a dragon boat, covered with an ancient turtle shell.

As Flurrin, Hengest and Meangrim fought their way thru the invaders at the docks, a treacherous Haggard flanked and blindsided the party with some men of his own. It was a vicious fight, but the heroes were victoriuous, Haggard captured, and the boats flame shaman dead. A shreik came from the longhaul, it appeared Haggard detoured while the party fought at the docks to make sure the Jarl was silenced forever. HE lay dead with a dagger in his chest. Enid sentenced Haggard to a blood eagle execution, which Hengest carried out. She then tasked the party to head south, to the slaver city of Marg, where they were to find her brother, Leifstan and convince him to come home, to take up arms against Jarl Thorkellson.

Meangrim and most of the recently liberated slave rowers from the dragon ship stayed behind, while Flurrin and Hengest set out with 6 other strong arms and a well respected Tracker, Jurgen, to head south.


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