Thule is a barbaric and superstitious place. Human civilization is young, and the great body of art, literature, philosophy, and technology that underlies classic medieval fantasy worlds is incomplete at best. Libraries full of books, chivalric ideals, organized religions, codes of law and traditions of scholarship—all of these things are absent from Thule, or exist only in the most primitive forms.

The ability to read and write is far less common in Thule than in more advanced settings.

To determine whether your character is literate, consult the table below and roll an Intelligence check after you select your character class. If you fail, you can check again each time you gain a level to see if your character picked it up from his or her more civilized companions.

Class Intelligence check DC
Barbarian DC 18
Bard DC 5
Cleric DC 5
Druid DC 15
Fighter DC 15
Monk DC 10
Ranger DC 15
Rogue DC 15
Sorcerer DC 5
Warlock DC 10
Wizard DC 0

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