Savage Thule

Boarding the shipwreck

Waves batter a shipwrecked galley just off the shores

You make you way thru rough seas and climb the sides of the ship wreck. Kroakan takes a nasty knock to the head as a rogue wave slams him into the side of the hull before he scrambles up to deck. On deck the port side of the ship is wet and rotting, the first mast looks cracked and rotted. the middle mast has fallen and is no where to be seen, the stern mast looks dry and intact. Investigation reveals it indeed can be used as a replacement mast. Before heading back to Ashla’s ship, you decide to investigate the captains quarters, where you not only find a horde of coins, but a horrific giant horned skeleton rises to defend it. Ivor and Niall are shaken in the fight, losing a bit of sanity as the horror is defeated.

The treasure is yours. for now….




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