Savage Thule

Hrolf's final rest

Having the mission from Enid, to head south to Marg, the party set forth. Jurgen, a warden of the north, lead the way, Flurrin, the beserker, Hengest the lame and 6 other strong warriors set the course. Thorkellson’s grip had tightened on the region and with all the Jarl’s at the annual spring meeting in Jomur, the party decided to try and avoid as many settlements as possible.

A few days of travel went past without incident, when Jurgen came upon a single man, sitting at a crossroad, leaned over his spear and in tears. His family had been murdered by brigands at his family homestead and he promised the dead to the land should the party make things right.

Hengest, Jurgen, Flurrin and their allies set forth, Hrolf following behind as best he could thumbing and rubbing his silver chain with the amulet of Tarhun. They found the farmhouse miles away, inhabited by Brigands indeed. The party orchestrated a stealthy ambush, lead at point by the sly Jurgen. Once the perimeter guards were out of action, they set up a ambush for the remaining brigands as they left the house. It was a massacre, but not one without a cost as the parties allie, Horace went down during the fight. With the bandits defeats, the party turned to find Hrolf. He was no were to be found, until they uncovered in the cattle pen the skeletons of 2 children, a woman and a man holding a silver amulet of Tarhun.



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