Savage Thule

The defense of Ormsfjord

Hengest, Flurrin & Meangrim

Although the party rescued their Jarls daughter from Thorkellson’s men, the long harsh winter lead to their exile. They did not wish to willingly join Thorkellson so their only option was escape before death. On the road they met a strange dwarf beserker in bearskins. HIs name, Meangrim. Together they travelled to the fishing Village of Ormsfjord.

Staying the night in the longhaul, the elderly Jarl of the village told a story of a impeding sea dragon. Advised by his recently arrived Haggard, the village prepared to give the dragon tribute, that was until the party, along with the Jarl’s daughter, Enid, stepped up to volunteer to drive the beast away.

The next morning heavy fogs rolled in and the dragon drifted to shore, gouts of flame from its maw. The brave Nimothan’s charged and it turned out to be another of Thorkellsons ruses. It was a dragon boat, covered with an ancient turtle shell.

As Flurrin, Hengest and Meangrim fought their way thru the invaders at the docks, a treacherous Haggard flanked and blindsided the party with some men of his own. It was a vicious fight, but the heroes were victoriuous, Haggard captured, and the boats flame shaman dead. A shreik came from the longhaul, it appeared Haggard detoured while the party fought at the docks to make sure the Jarl was silenced forever. HE lay dead with a dagger in his chest. Enid sentenced Haggard to a blood eagle execution, which Hengest carried out. She then tasked the party to head south, to the slaver city of Marg, where they were to find her brother, Leifstan and convince him to come home, to take up arms against Jarl Thorkellson.

Meangrim and most of the recently liberated slave rowers from the dragon ship stayed behind, while Flurrin and Hengest set out with 6 other strong arms and a well respected Tracker, Jurgen, to head south.



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